cup of tea with annie willmot

A Cuppa With Annie Willmot

cup of tea with annie willmot

Grab your favourite mug and get all snuggled up, its time to have a natter with another amazing Christian mum.  Annie is a fellow blogger and was the first recipient of Joy on her journey across the UK during 2017!  So sit back and have a bit of time to yourself whilst we get to know Annie…..

It’s really nice to meet you – please introduce yourself to us all!

I’m Annie, I’m 28 and I’m married to Pete. I trained as a social worker at Uni then worked coaching unemployed young people, before being a Children and Families Pastor at a church in London (where my husband was Worship Pastor). Then, I became a mummy and I’m now working part-time for Parenting for Faith at The Bible Reading Fellowship.

Where do you live and what do you like/loathe about it?

The countryside is my happy place; I am my most content when I can see grass and trees. So, moving out of London to Berkshire recently has made me really happy! I miss being able to walk everywhere/hop on a bus like I could in London but there’s nothing I loathe yet; the traffic is pretty bad but compared to London it’s a breeze!

How many kids do you have?

Just the one little guy for now, he’s 15 months old. He started properly walking at 10 months old (cruising along furniture at 7 months) and he is on the go ALL the time so he keeps me on my toes! He’s such a character, super determined and often giggles to himself as if he’s made some sort of secret, hilarious joke.

What is the best thing about motherhood for you?

Everyday I absolutely love getting to know my little boy more, seeing his character, watching his sense of humour develop, seeing what he is fascinated by and what brings him joy. I love that I get to watch him develop and grow daily and that I get the privilege

And what is the worst thing?!

We’ve had a horrible season of sickness in our house over the last few months including, three tummy bugs, multiple fevers, colds and chickenpox. Now, we’re almost healthy but my little one is teething and unfortunately when he gets new teeth he generally vomits or has pretty explosive nappies for a few days. However, it’s not cleaning up the mess or even being sick myself that are the worst things, it’s seeing my little one in pain and not being able to help him. It’s having him cling to me for hours of an afternoon and sob because his gums are so sore or he’s just feeling poorly. That’s the worst, when all you want to do is make them feel better and all you can do is rub their back and hope you’re helping to make it just a little bit better for them.

How do you try to help your children connect with God and the bible?

For me, teaching my kid about faith is about sharing my faith with him in the every day moments. So, that means those moments when I’d normally be praying in my head I’m chatting to God out-loud. When he gets to be asking questions I don’t want to be explaining my relationship with God and for him not to have seen what it looks like, it shouldn’t be a surprise to him that I chat to God all day, or that I pray for people.

We read the Beginner’s Bible at teatime with a sticker book after tea at the moment. My little guy is sticker obsessed so it’s a really great point of connection at the moment. We used to pray at bedtime but he is just so excited it didn’t work! So, we chat to God about our day but we don’t structure the time or feel we have to do it. We have a selection of Bibles on the bookshelf (one of the benefits of having been a Children and Families Pastor and now working for a publisher) so it’s often what he chooses before bedtime but equally more often than not we end up reading some ridiculous repetitive animal book!

I spend a lot of time framing times when we connect with God, I love bringing him back into church early during the worship and talking through what we’re singing and how people might be meeting with God. As parents, my husband and I are always looking for moments to create windows into our connection with God and into church life, for my little one.

What is your “mission-field” at the moment?

I feel like my whole life is sort of my “mission-field”, in that I hope that anyone I meet will experience God’s love through me, so that includes other parents, work colleagues, my neighbours, local shop owners and anyone else who I happen to chat to!

What causes or activities are you particularly passionate about and why?

Everything I’m passionate about comes from my desire for real honesty. I blog about parenthood because I had a lot of conversations with Mums who were frustrated with not hearing the honest, messy version of motherhood. The same goes for marriage and mental health. Marriage is hard, the more we talk about it, the more we are honest about how we need to communicate well and work to cherish one another, the better it will be. I heard someone on a podcast recently who said, “no one got better from a mental health issue by not talking about it.” Mental health issues are a taboo and they shouldn’t be, it’s ok not to be ok and it’s ok to talk about not being ok.

I want to raise a kid who is emotionally healthy. I know so many adults who aren’t and if they are then (in my experience) it’s quite likely they’ve had to work hard as an adult to become so. I want my kid to be completely prepared for whatever life throws at him and to be able to talk about it all, process his emotions and know that it’s ok to feel them.

I’ll stop there before I ramble on any further! Lovely to chat 🙂

Thanks so much for having a cuppa with me!

You can find Annie over on her blog, or follow her on twitter @mamawillmot or instagram @mamawillmot.

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