rach cycling around the world

Rach round the world….

rach cycling around the world

Round the world – 40,000km
Radius of the world – 6,000km

One of my goals for 2017 is to fit into my wedding dress again by our 10th wedding anniversary (which is in September 2018).  But my main problem is that I love cake. And pudding.  And all things sweet/take away.  I also struggle to get out of the house to exercise given the kids, so last year I bought myself an exercise bike.

To make sure I use said exercise bike and actually achieve my goal of fitting into my wedding dress, I have given myself a challenge.  I am going to ride round the world.   Or possible the radius of the world.  Whichever is actually achievable for me!

To keep me accountable, I will be writing up every so often how far I have gotten.  Since the start of January I have cycled 71.71km (which is more than I probably cycled last year!).  It may not seem like much to hard core exercise people.  But to me, 10 minutes of cycling a day is more than I was doing, so I will just do what I am able to do.

how you can help me

Please be the finger that prods me and reminds me of this goal.   I know I will definitely need that every now and again.  When I get further into my challenge and better on my bike I may do some longer cycling sessions and look for sponsorship towards a chosen charity, but for now I just want to get fitter and stronger.  I hope that maybe you can follow me in this – in my head even 10 minutes a day is more than I was doing before.  It may not be the hour long work out people do at the gym, but it is good enough for now.  It is good enough for whilst I am exhausted rearing children.

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