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I am not sure what your position on Santa is – there are many valid arguments both for and against letting your children believe that Santa is real.  I am going to assume that if you are reading this post then you are “PRO-Santa!” and so would love to hear about a great way to bring some more magic to your kids Christmas!

This is the first year that my son has been big enough to write a proper letter to Santa, and so in November he wrote down that he wanted a mud kitchen (not sure he’s going to get that but hey!) on his bit of paper and gave it to daddy to post to Santa.  He was reasonably excited, although not as excited as mummy, when he got a letter back:


We ordered his letter from Santa from Lapland Mailroom this year and it was interesting to be able to compare it.  In the past I have had letters from the NSPCC, which is a lovely way to both support charity and get a little keepsake for your kids.  Now with the NSPCC you do just get a letter (which is lovely don’t get me wrong!) that has been made with a very basic mail merge (so it has his name it in but most of the rest of it is generic) for a suggested donation of £5.  
The letter package from Lapland Mailroom is obviously more expensive (£7.95 or £8.95 with an activity pack) but I think it is worth that extra bit.  The letter itself is much more personalised with details about what happened last Christmas (I was able to put in that Sam left out mashed potatoes for Santa) so brought a lot more joy to Sam when I read it to him as he remembered last year.  You also get a nice child certificate with the child’s name on. 
The activity pack is also really good quality (and I think worth the extra £1) as you get a card, a door hanger, a “santa stop here” poster, a christmas decoration and an activity sheet to colour in, all on good quality card.  I am going to add the poster and door hanger to a Christmas Eve box so that we can colour them in and put them up ready for Santa. 
In my opinion, the pack is definitely worth the £8.95, and Lapland Mailroom can guarantee delivery of it before Christmas if you order before the 20th December.  There may be other cheaper or free letter from Santa services but this is definitely the best one I have seen yet.
You can use this code to get 10% off your letter from Santa – “lapland10” at 
Happy Christmas everyone!
Disclosure – I have been sent a free letter from Santa from Lapland Mailroom to review on my blog, but all opinions are my own.  

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