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I don’t know about you, but I love a good kids magazine.  It has the power to entertain your child for a good portion of the afternoon!  But sometimes I buy magazines and they just don’t capture my sons attention, so I was really excited to be able to review CBeebies Magazine and see how it fared in the “Sam” test!  Here is how we got on….

Well Sam was really excited when his package arrived, especially as the edition we got was a special colouring one so came with a big free gift of pens, pencils and crayons.  We tried to wait until little brother Reuben was in bed to take a look, but the excitement was too much.  One of Sam’s favourite parts of magazines is when they come with stickers, and CBeebies magazine did not let us down.  Sam immediately was drawn to a page about the Furchester Hotel where you could stick baubles on the Christmas tree (some were cookie shaped baubles for the Cookie Monster!)

Even little Reuben tried to join in with the fun!  He was loving the pens and attempting to colour in and we had lots of fun doing it together as a family.
Some of Sam’s next favourite pages at the moment are the ones where he gets to practice writing letters and following mazes using his pen control.  The Cbeebies magazine seems to have a really good mix of fun activities and learning too.  These pages tied in really well with what we have been doing on the Alphablocks Reading Programme, and with what your children will be doing at nursery or school, so great secret reinforcement!


Another great feature of the CBeebies magazine over a lot of other magazines is that each page has a little box for the adults to read, giving you tips of how to interact with your child on the page so they get the most out of it and more ideas of activities that tie in with the theme.   Here are a couple of examples:
We finished off our day and review of the magazine by having some snuggly quiet time before bed reading the stories in the magazine.  Sam loved that they included the characters from CBeebies and he chose to read the Charlie and Lola story.  It was set out more like a comic with lots of pictures, and reinforced listening by asking questions during the story like this:
Well, the fun may only last for an afternoon, but CBeebies magazine gives you plenty of ideas on how to extend it.  There is also a great mix of pages from stickers, to crafts, to learning, to stories, to colouring.  Plenty for all children to enjoy whilst interacting with their favourite CBeebies characters.  
You can buy CBeebies magazine from your local newsagent or supermarket.  I know I will continue to buy this for Sam – it definitely passed the Sam test and the Reuben test!!
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of CBeebies Magazine to review, but all opinions and comments are my own.    


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