free nativity treasure hunt

FREE Nativity Treasure Hunt

free nativity treasure hunt

Last year I was involved in running a nativity themed treasure hunt at our estate Christmas event.  I wanted to add some fun for the kids, but also bring in the real characters of Christmas. 

The idea was really simple.  Give each child an envelope and hide the nativity characters around the estate (I provided a simple map in case they got lost!).  At each stop they would find a bag of smaller versions of the character, which each child could take one of to put in their envelope.  At the end of the treasure hunt, glue and pens would be provided so that the characters would make a nice nativity picture for the children to take home.

As I was making it I thought perhaps it would be good to share with all my readers.  You could use this at Christmas events or parties, or it would also be perfect to use inside throughout your house on Christmas Eve.  Why not print it off and add it to your Christmas Eve box 

You can download the free printable nativity treasure hunt here – enjoy!  And if you like my treasure hunt then please do share it with you friends, family and church members. 

free nativity treasure hunt instructions

4 thoughts on “FREE Nativity Treasure Hunt

  1. Sharon says:

    That is a great idea Rachel. Have never thought of doing this before. Don’t know if my lot are too old for this now but i’m sure lots of kids will enjoy looking for and creating their own nativities 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    This is a brilliant idea Rachel! We’ll be printing out a copy to use as part of our Activity Advent Calendar, and I’ve also sent the details to my church’s Messy Church team, in case they want to use it too! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

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