2016 – highlights and praise points

I was going to call this post “the good, the bad and the ugly” but after seeing a flashback to 2014 where I spoke about my praise points of the year I decided to ditch the negativity and chose to praise God for all that has happened this year.  Yes, 2016 has been a crazy year – Brexit, Trump, HS2.  But so much amazing has happened amidst that choas, so here are my highlights:

1. Celebrating 5 years at Teenage Cancer Trust – Not many people have the joy of saying that they love what they do or that they look forward to going to work, but I am one of those.  Ever since starting at Teenage Cancer Trust I have loved every second and grown and flourished.  I may have a had a few breaks for maternity leave, but this December marks my 5th anniversary of working for one of the best charities in the UK and for the best boss in the world. 
2.Many special birthdays – 2016 contained my Grandad’s 80th, Husband’s 30th and Dad’s 60th so its been a mega year for special birthdays!  All have been celebrated with joy and occasion, and I have loved being able to treat my husband to a few surprises. 
3. Reuben turning One – yes I survived a year of being a mum of two children!  Reuben is such a cutie and it was great to celebrate his first birthday this year.  We went out to a local farm for the day which both boys enjoyed.  Things are very different now to the first few months, and I am sure they are going to get even crazier when Reuben starts walking but bring it on!
4. Comelybank Community – 2016 did indeed bring the sucky sucky news of HS2 coming through my estate.  But instead of focusing on this, I am just so thankful for the new friends and community that has grown over the past 6 months.  I can truly say that I have some amazing neighbours and my christmas card list is three times as long this year because of it!
5. Grandparents moving closer – Both our parents were planning to move this time last year, and all the stress that comes with that.  Well I am well and truly praising God that both sets of grandparents are now in their new homes and closer to us.  This has been such a blessing when kids have been poorly, and hopefully will mean much more time with our families in 2017.
6. Spree weekend – Me and Rob had the privilege of being on Urban Saints Midlands and East Spree again this year and sowing into the lives of the service crew.  It is always refreshing to spend time with young people, and amazing when God uses us to speak into them as well (plus the joker of the day hat is always good fun!)
7. Family holidays – who doesn’t love a good holiday!  And this year was our first as a family of four.  We all survived a week in a tent at Withernsea and had lots of fun on the beach.  Looking forward to some nice time away next year too.
8. Rob finishing his masters – The biggest celebration of the year (in my opinion!) was my lovely husband completing his masters in theology.  He has studied so hard over the last 3 years and we are now praying into what his next steps are.  
9. Mummy Meditations starting and growing – after the guilt of not being good at daily devotions, this year I have enjoyed starting up my regular mummy meditations series on the blog to motivate myself to keep going it in and hopefully encourage other mums to do the same too.  It has been great to see this start to grow and blossom, and to welcome Naomi as a partner in this towards the end of the year.  Watch this space for even more developments in Mummy Meditations in 2017!


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    • admin says:

      Yes always busy busy busy! But thats the way I like it. I am hoping that this year things will settle down a bit, but I thought that last year too! I think Mummy Meditations is one of my favourite things that I have started this year, and I am so excited to see where it goes.

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