Choosing a school – am I a proper mum now!

The letter arrived last week – a slightly more exciting letter than others I have received lately!  The one where they say your little baby son (or daughter) is now old enough to apply for a place at school.  A place in Reception Class.  I am filled with a mixture of excitement that my son is growing up and gets the chance to learn and grow even more, and dread about making the wrong choice.
How do you make a choice like that?  Maybe I am making this too big a deal.  I feel like it is something that takes me from the ranks of baby and toddler wrestler into the ranks of proper parent.  You know – one of those mums at the school gate.  It will bring with it amazing opportunities but also new challenges, as I learn to support my little man through all the ups and downs of school life.  
So what I would like to ask all you school mums out there is this – what advice would you give me now?  What things should I take into account when choosing a school?  And what should I take advantage of whilst I still have my little boy at home with me?  Tell me now so I don’t miss out or mess up! PLEASE!!!  


5 thoughts on “Choosing a school – am I a proper mum now!

    • Rachel Ridler says:

      I have sent the application in now – terrified we will have made the wrong choice, but hey ho! Will be sitting nervously in April time to find out if we have got in to our first choice. How old are yours Cathy?

      • Cathy says:

        Reuben (good name by the way!) Is 2.5 and Boaz is 5 months old. We’ve got 3 outstanding primary schools close by but the three closest secondary schools are less good! Each primary school filters into different secondary schools so it feels like we have to make a major life decision for our boys now! Even though nursery spot obviously isn’t that big a deal. Comforted by the fact that God is sovereign and knows our boys much better than I do. It is as minefield though! All the best. Xx

        • Rachel Ridler says:

          Wow, so good to have that many Outstanding primary schools near you. We are not so lucky, but with possibly moving in the next couple of years it has become not quite so big a decision! We have applied to our local Catholic Primary School as I would love for my eldest to have some Christian morals in with his schooling. But I am not too bothered, as I know that we will add to whatever he is taught. For me it is exciting to have new mums and parents to meet at the school gates and opportunities to share the love of Jesus with them. Praying you have peace in whichever school you choose x

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