4 months old and prepping for nursery!

So today my littlest monkey is four months old, and the last month has been an exciting one. Reuben has started trying to roll over with mixed success! We have also had the start of the dreaded teething, although no sign of any coming through just yet (just copious amounts of dribble and chewing on things). But the biggest thing for me was receiving a letter from nursery confirming his place to start in two months time. And in only one month he will start his settling in visits. Crazy!!!! So to mark this I am starting my nursery prep by reviewing these name stickers:

As I am sure many of you mums will know, nursery is a black hole for kids clothing- once it goes there it never comes back. So anything that speeds up the clothes naming process is a God send. That is why I will be using these stickers from My Nametags to quickly and easily put Reuben’s name into his clothes. I actually used exactly the same company when Sam started, and the stickers meant I could put his name on everything (bottles, shoes, coats, bags) without having to spend hours sewing. They also have the same item in iron on version which is great for clothes as well.

With SamĀ I had plain white ones, but this time I have opted for these funky hello kitty designs! They will cheer me up as well as give me peace of mind that when Reuben starts nursery in two months time (sob sob….) that his clothes will be safe. I would definitely recommend them to you all – visit www.MyNametags.com to order your own.

Finally, here is my little man’s four month pic for comparison…..

Disclaimer: I have received free name tags to review on my blog, but all opinions are my own.

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