Update on my 30 before 30


So my amazing husband reminded me today of our 30 before 30 lists, as he has ticked one off.


I have only really started one (though it might qualify for number 14 too) which is number 11 to learn yoga. After a bit of an identity/body image crisis this week in the middle of Matalan, I wanted to take a positive step to change that. So I searched YouTube for “Christian yoga” and did my first beginners session. Feeling very out of shape but enjoying every second of it, I am planning to do it every day (or every other day!) until I learn it properly! It was really refreshing to meditate on God’s word whilst exercising too.

I am also slowly adding to my feeding 5000 list, so hopefully I will also achieve number 16. I really need to add a few more to the list so ideas appreciated!!!

  1. Go geocaching
  2. Go on a camping trip with friends
  3. Spend a day at a spa
  4. Visit 5 new museums
  5. Knit something
  6. Sponsor a child
  7. Host a scavenger hunt
  8. Send a care package to someone
  9. Learn to juggle
  10. Start a collection
  11. Learn yoga
  12. Take on a 30 day photo challenge
  13. Visit another country that speaks a different language
  14. Have a proper exercise routine!
  15. Write an ebook
  16. Feed 500 people in my home (as part of my feeding 5000 challenge)
  17. Memorise my favourite passage from the bible
  18. Sleep under the stars
  19. Learn a new craft/creative skill (possibly lettering)
  20. Make a time capsule to bury in our garden
  21. See the Lion King musical on west end
  22. Grow my own vegetables
  23. Take my blog self hosted (and know what that means!)
  24. Reorganize my recipe box and books

4 thoughts on “Update on my 30 before 30

  1. Siouxsie says:

    *Memorize something: a cherished poem, some part of Scripture, a speech by someone famous
    *Run a 5k
    *Rock climb and/or rappel
    *Go to a concert of a favorite singer or band
    *swim with dolphins
    *take a dance class
    *do stand-up comedy
    *write a research paper
    *write 10 handwritten letters per year

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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