my newborn essentials

I am sure there are many posts out there telling you what you will need for your newborn (probably sponsored or with some marketing spin!). Well this is my take on it, based on my experience over the last few months and years, I hope you find it useful.

breastfeeding pillow – if you want to avoid back ache whilst breastfeeding then you will want to invest in one of these! Ours is mega soft and I found it a lot easier to use than a hard boppy pillow.



washable wipes – now you may or may not be a reusable nappy person, but either way you will want to buy some of these to put over your baby’s bits during nappy changes. It will absorb any little changing mat accidents!

swaddle cloth – my little man found it really difficult to settle in his Moses basket at first, but as soon as we swaddled him he went straight to sleep. We used swaddleme cloths as they have Velcro to make sure baby cant escape and is warm!

saline nasal spray – essential for those blocked nose situations. The Calpol one has a good spray on it.


bouncy chair/ ring – I live in a three storey house and so I have various safe places to put Reuben when I need to do other things. A bouncy chair in our bedroom for when I need a shower, play gym in the lounge and a baby nest in the kitchen for when I’m cooking. I love our tiny love bouncy chair as the toys come in from the side and has a great flashy crab toy.

juice bottle for you – having to look after little people can sometimes mean you forget about yourself. If you are breastfeeding this is dangerous, so invest in a juice bottle to keep with you at all times so you will be hydrated.

bandana bibs – babies dribble and they throw up. That is just a fact of life! So why not make them look super cute with a bandana bib that catch all the spit up.

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