One month today!

My handsome little man, Reuben Charles, is one month old today!  And the first month (with its many ups and downs!) really has flown by.  With Sam we created photo books for each 3 months of his first year, but obviously for Reuben this would be scattered with joint photos (plus we all know you take less photos of each subsequent child!!) so we have decided to create a family yearbook each year instead.  However, I still want a record of how my little man grows over his first year so have copied an idea from my lovely friend Kiri over at and will be taking a monthly picture of Reuben in the same chair.  Here is month one! 

Secondly, I wanted to remind myself (and give those who are in the last few weeks of pregnancy something to look forward to!) of the best bits from the first month:
1. You can eat whatever you like again!  Raw cake mixture -let me at that spoon.  Soft cheese and pate – not sure I ever ate you anyway but bring it on!  The constant having to think about your diet stops and you can enjoy food again (if you have the energy!).  You also have space in your stomach and no more heartburn, yippee!!
2. Breastfeeding is THE best excuse to indulge on chocolate and cake, because you simply NEED those extra calories….
3. Sleepy newborn cuddles are amazing.  Never again will they sit so still curled up on your chest, so enjoy it whilst it lasts.
4. You can sleep on your belly again!  Ok, well confession here that last night was the first time I was able to as my boobs were much too sore from establishing breastfeeding before then, but the possibility is there.  This was something I really missed when all I could do was lie on one side with my cushion between my legs….
5. Never again will you know how loved and supported you are.  Everyone knows how difficult a newborn can be and in those first few weeks your family and friends will gather around to love on you and your family.  We were treated to meals, presents for Reuben and Sam, flowers, cake, chocolates and baby sitting offers.  I can truly say that I am blessed to have such amazing family and friends in my life, so thank you. X
Those ar my top five, what were your best bits from the first month? 

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