Moving on – saying goodbye to my stretchy jeans

After having a baby, there are some emotional moments.  Baby blues might cause you to cry at the oddest things, sleep deprivation might cause you to cry at everything, and not having a clue what you are doing might,  well you get the picture!  There are a lot of tears.  But today I had another tearful moment as I had to accept that my time of wearing stretchy maternity trousers is over.

You know the ones ladies – leggings so comfy you prefer them to your own skin and jeans that don’t bite into you as they have so much elastic in them.  They were what kept you positive during the rough parts of pregnancy!  My thoughts were always “well I might have backache, nausea and be the size of a whale, but at least I get to wear the worlds comfiest trousers!”  (That may be a slight exaggeration…..)

Well today I ironed my last pair of maternity jeans ready to put away/sell on and a wave of sadness washed over me that that season of my life was now over (strange really given how much I disliked pregnancy the second time round – read my post pregnancy sucks!).  But then I realised how much like the Israelites I had become.  

In order to enter the amazing new blessings of the promised land they had to leave behind all the nice things they might have collected during their stay in Egypt. No way were keepsakes and trinkets making their way across the muddy river bed of the Jordan. Anything weighing them down would have had to be discarded or they would have been stuck in the mud. Its the same with my stretchy jeans. I have loved them for a season, but now they will just weigh me down as I move on into being a mum of two. Its time to embrace normal jeans again (whatever size I might be now!).

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