Mary would have had a treasure box

I love being creative, and you may have already read about my love of Pinterest in sharing great ideas.  Well this week I was pondering the verse below about Mary, Jesus’ mother.

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart” Luke 2:19

I came to the conclusion that if Mary was around now she would have been the kind of person to have a memory box of special things from Jesus’ life.  It would have had the presents brought to him as a baby, maybe some hay from the manger and the cloths they wrapped him in.  Maybe the first wooden toy that Joseph carved for him.  

Today I went to one of my favourite shops -IKEA – and bought some box frames ready to make my own little memory box for Sam, and another ready to start filling for baby number 2.  Here it is:

I have put in my scan photos, a special baby grow and hat, our birth announcement card, hospital band and tag and invite to my baby shower.  I have also ordered some scrabble tiles of his name to add into the frame.  I am looking forward to doing baby’s too as I already have the scan photos to include in it. So why not have a go at making a memory frame – the frame was only £9, a bargain really!!! 

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