Z is for zeal

I thought I had better at least do a post for the last day of the A to Z challenge (even if I have missed a few of the other days).  Today Z is for zeal.  Zeal is something that I have lost recently.  During the last four months of tiredness, nausea, baby brain and guilt over lack of motivation, I have lost that spark that makes me zealous for God.

This morning I turned to Psalms, determined to find something amongst the poetry that would inspire me once again, and I did.  God never fails to speak to me at the right time, and I read psalm number one with fresh eyes:

“Instead you THRILL to God’s word, you chew on scripture day and night.  You’re a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, never dropping a leaf, always in blossom”

What I would give to be like that person!!!!!  That person is the definition of zealous, for God’s word, for the mission to further it and for God Himself.

Ironically, my bookmark at the moment has the word ZEAL really big on it from when our church had a prayer and fasting day for that exact reason – to re-inspire us to be zealous for something – the house (our local church), each other and God and His kingdom.  So this morning I am praying to find that once again.


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