O is for Over There

Over There
Look at my life, sitting over there,
Everything seems perfect and right and fair.
Look at my son with a smile on his face,
And me thanking God for His amazing grace
But when you get up close, reality shows through,
we are just the same, me and you.
Tough days and great ones and middle of the road,
Like the undulating chapters in a story of old
Everything seems different when you look from afar.
It looks pretty and colourful, you stand back and admire.
But when you start to unravel, examine and unpick,
You will see all the brush strokes and stitches and nicks.
You see no life is perfect, not even one,
But beauty can shine through in everyone.
God works through the tough days, the great ones too,
to weave an intricate tapestry called me and you.
And sometimes our lives become intertwined in the process,
Bringing an even richer, deeper pattern to what we might call our mess.
But God sees the beauty, when he looks from afar,
He knows what love can do, and can’t help but admire.
So when we look over there at you and me,
Lets look with our eyes, near AND far and see,
The mistakes and the mishaps that make up each life,
But also the beauty and wonder that God has done right.

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