I is for Interview with a pregnant lady

So I thought it would be fun to answer some amusing pregnancy related questions for you.  I missed out some of the ruder questions from the “25 questions you were too afraid to ask a pregnant women” list, but here are my answers to my favorite ones:
  • Do you sometimes think its a bit creepy that there’s a thing growing inside you?  Yes indeedy – but I think the fact that is grows gradually makes this a lot less scary as you get used to how it feels at each stage.  By the time you have an almost full grown alien/child inside you are used to it!!
  • Did you know you were pregnant before you found out?  I had a good idea that I was but was kind of too afraid to say it out loud!
  • How do I ask if you’re pregnant without offending you? I guess there is no good way to do this – if you are pregnant you won’t be offended by that question, but if you are not then this is very very bad!!!
  • Have you ever drunk breast milk?  Probably a little bit when testing the temperature of Sam’s bottles when I was expressing, but I haven’t drunk cups of it on purpose.
  • Has your relationship with your partner changed? Definitely – I’m not sure how anyone could reply differently to this one.  When you are pregnant everything changes – your moods, your energy levels, how sick you feel.  My husband is amazing and made sure that he was ready to take on more of the housework and other chores before we got pregnant again as he knew how tired I was last time.
  • Is it weird if I touch your belly? yes.  very.
  • What does it feel like when the baby kicks?  I haven’t quite got there with this pregnancy, but last time it was really weird.  Not sure you can explain it to others but I suppose it starts off like a gurgling in your stomach, then works up to being full blown movements that you can see and feel.
  • Is it weird not to get your period, or the best?!  I haven’t really noticed as the nausea and tiredness have taken over.   
  • Do you have crazier dreams now you’re pregnant?  Oh yes – very vivid dreams, often relating to things from the day before but twisting them into strange events.  Its quite fun really!
  • Do any senses become heightened or lessened?  Smell is very much accentuated, and if I smell dinner and don’t like it that’s it, my stomach is turned off.  I think I could smell Sam’s poopy nappy bin from two rooms away the other day, not fun.
  • On average how much time do you spend each day thinking about the pain of childbirth?  I try not to think about it, although it is definitely harder second time round now that I know for sure how it is going to feel.  My advice for first timers is to not watch any of the birthing programs and enjoy your ignorance!  I wish I could again….

8 thoughts on “I is for Interview with a pregnant lady

  1. Greenpatches says:

    It's good to 'pop by' your blog. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy and do hope you get over the queasinness soon. My two are long since grown up and gone, but I can remember those early days well. Good luck with the A-Z!

  2. Susan Taylor says:

    Awww, I remember when my big kids were little. Such a fun time. Crazy thing — I had my fifth (and last) baby in a water birth at home! Best wishes on your pregnancy and birth experience with this one.

    Visiting from a to z blog challenge


  3. bloggingastrid.com says:

    I totally get what you say about there not being a right way to ask if someone's pregnant. I've never gotten that question even though I am fat and it's all on my belly, but I wouldn't want to get that quesiton unless I were pregnant either.

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