C is for chocolate


There’s no denying that chocolate plays a big part in our Easter celebrations. And even though I know that there is a higher meaning to this, the most significant of Christian holidays, it is still good fun to have a bit of chocolate.

Last year I bought a chocolate rabbit lollipop making set in the sale so me and Sam decided to test it out! We had lots of chocolately fun. So if you are bored today, why not try making your own chocolate shapes using whatever moulds you have.

4 thoughts on “C is for chocolate

  1. Michele Truhlik says:

    Chocolate: one of my favorite topics! I LOVE chocolate in almost any form it comes in. I try to stay away from it because I can definitely overdo it. In fact I haven't even bought any chocolate this year. I'll wait till Easter is over then Walgreens will have it all on sale! 🙂
    Happy A-Zing…
    Michele at Angels Bark

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