A is for Awesome April

Spring is certainly on its way (if you ignore the gale force winds we have been having!) and it fills me with joy to leave the coldness of winter behind and step out into some nicer weather.  It always helps with children when you can get outdoors more, even just for a little bit each day.  So this year I have signed up to the A to Z challenge and I wanted to make my posts child focussed!

My blog has two aspects really – my Christian faith and how that plays out in my current world, and also my role as a mother.  The last 40 days have been devoted to the amazing 40 acts challenge and exploring how I can be more generous as a Christian, and as that draws to close I thought it would be fun to do something a bit less serious!!

So each day in April I will be adding some fun toddler tasks as me and Sam work through the alphabet.  I hope you enjoy!  Today I am just letting you all know that its going to be an AWESOME APRIL.  So join me again tomorrow to see what the letter B brings……

4 thoughts on “A is for Awesome April

  1. Click says:

    Stopping by on the way through the A to Z Challenge.

    Sounds like you've got lots of fun posts planned for the month. April's off to a good start for us as well. Hope it continues this way. 🙂

    Cait @ Click's Clan

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