Things I have learnt from 40acts so far (and Bear Hug – Act #26!)

I was going to write just a normal post today, talking about the days challenge and what not, but then God prompted me to think a little deeper about this journey so far and to start deciding what things I might take with me into normal life.  Some of the acts were great as one off declarations of generosity, (lets face it, we can’t spend every day giving cake to the postman or taking in flowers for the teacher at school), but some of them are building blocks for a lifestyle of generosity.

 At our Lifegroup we chatted about how generosity is more than just money or things, it is from our hearts and I can really feel my heart changing over this lent period.  Here are some things that I would really like to continue in my life after Easter:

  1. Praying through my social media feeds.  This was such a great idea, and an amazing way to integrate my life online with my spiritual life.  Every morning now when I check facebook/twitter I will endeavour to pray for any status’ or news updates that I am prompted to.
  2. Keeping a generosity kit with me.  I quickly used up the items that I put in my generosity kit on day 1, but it got me thinking that if I carried things around with me then I would be able to seize any generosity moment that comes my way.  So I now keep in my nappy bag some thank you cards and I am planning to buy some chocolate or biscuits each week as a stock pile to hand out.  Oh and don’t forget the post its!!  These will be a stock item too to leave notes of encouragement wherever I go.
  3. Chocolate Tuesday.  Who needs an excuse to eat and share chocolate!!  I may well adopt this once a month…..
I am sure there are more things that I will carry on, and I still have a few acts to catch up on, such as keeping the steps to the canal near my house clean and tidy and connecting with different generations in my community.  What things have you taken from 40 acts so far, or from reading through my online journal of it?!  Please do comment below.
All that is left is to complete today’s challenge – Bear Hug.  So I am sending this hug to all my readers as you never know who might need one today.

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