In Courage – Acts #31

I was tidying out an ottoman in my spare bedroom the other day and came across a big pile of my old letter writing things – cards, pretty paper, stickers etc.  It made me smile, as it was from a time when I used to write to my friends from summer camp or my relatives who lived far away.  I haven’t done that for such a long time.  And I wondered – who could I write some letters to?  On the same day I received a really lovely parcel and handwritten letter from a uni friend, and it cheered my day right up!  God was clearly telling me that I needed to write some letters.
And then Act number 31 popped up on my computer with one of the options being to write a letter to a persecuted christian.  What an amazing God we have and what an amazing answer to my thoughts and feelings of the day before!!  I had also been reading some of Paul’s letters and thinking “isn’t it a real shame that we don’t write such encouraging things to our Christian friends who are scattered throughout the world?”.  You see distance didn’t separate Paul from others back then, so it definitely shouldn’t separate us now.
So this week I am going to sit down with my writing supplies and write some letters of encouragement, both to persecuted christians who I don’t know, but I think also to some of my christian friends who are scattered throughout the world. 
If you want to do the same then please take a look at this website for details on how to do so:


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