Fix up look sharp – act #10

So we have hit act number 10 and to be honest I am starting to struggle!  Especially when the acts proposed don’t fit nicely into what I already have planned for that day.  Yesterday I was meant to fix something up for someone or use my skills to make a gift, but as we had planned a family day out to Magna with my brother and sister in law this sort of got put on the side line.  

But I will soldier on and attempt to catch up on this today or tomorrow.  I am still planning to bake cakes for those who work in our church office to say thank you, so I guess that uses my skills!  I might also bake something for my neighbours who have just had a baby.  Lots of ideas!!!  

It is also great that my Lifegroup are texting me to let me know when they are struggling or when they have an idea for how we could group together to complete one.  Friday’s act of getting to know culturally diverse range of people near us has been hard as I live in a very white part of Doncaster.  So a friend suggested we put on an international food evening to educate ourselves instead. 

So I guess the point of today’s post isn’t to share a great and encouraging story with you but to say that it is hard for me too!  Generosity isn’t always there at the front of my mind, and my daily activities often get in the way.  But that is no excuse and I will be working to resolve that! Happy Sunday everyone…

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