Fair and Square – act #5

Fair and Square

Today’s challenge as part of 40acts 2015 is to support the Fairtrade movement in some way. I have found it quite interesting to find out which high street stores currently have lines of fair trade goods, but as I haven’t had a chance to get out of the house to shop today (other than nipping to the post office for work!) I thought I would share them with you my favourite fair trade finds in the hope that it might inspire you all to look further into fair trade goods.  

  • Traidcraft – not technically a high street store, but it had the best range of fair trade products, including clothes, toys and food. 
  • H and M – they have a “conscious collection” which is marked on their website. This also includes some maternity clothes which is great news!  You can be a fair trade mummy!!! 
  • Co-op food – always leading in the way in having fair trade groceries and chocolate, it is one of the best food stores to get fair trade items. 


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