Clean – act #3


Today’s act was all about being generous to the world around us and trying to clean it up a bit.  Now initially this was bit of a problem for me, as on Fridays I don’t really leave the house – I work from home all day and then normally spend the evening in.  So I had to think creatively and plan ahead.  

We already recycle as much as possible, so the first tier of tasks seemed too simple really!  Instead I decided  to commit to keeping a small piece of land tidy and looking lovely.  

Just down from our house are some steps that go down onto the canal tow path.  So I am going to try to pick up any rubbish I see near there when I am walking and to buy some seeds to sprinkle around to make it a bit more pretty.

So no exciting news or encouragements today as I am housebound, but looking forward to what act #4 has in store tomorrow!

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