BLOGIVERSARY!! Other Mums on a Mission – Kiri

Here is another great story from a mum on a mission.  Kiri has already posted a guest post on here which you can read here, so I hope you enjoy reading a bit more about her!

A Bit About Me: Hey everyone I am Kiri and I blog over at Wonderfully Random, I am a Household CEO and a Director of Child Development aka a stay at home mum.  You can catch my average day on my Day in the Life Post

How did you come to read the blog?: I absolutely love reading blogs and found Rachel’s blog because we are part of the same church, I hadn’t got a chance to speak to Rachel before so had a read of all her posts before I quizzed her on her life one Sunday lol. She was at a complete disadvantage but handled my randomness impressively!

What impact has the blog had on you and your mission?: This ties into what I think my mission is. Up until I had read Rachel’s blog I didn’t really see myself having a mission, don’t get me wrong I am highly organized person and I do things with intention I just never associated myself with a specific mission in mind. Rachel’s amazing blog challenges me to think differently about everyday life, what can I do to share God’s love with my neighbours, strangers or even the person I purposefully avoid. 

I often find Rachel’s posts quite challenging, there is a common theme of moving from our present circumstances to draw closer to God and bless other as we do that. It sounds so simple on paper doesn’t it?

Well 2014 I thought was going to be a really good year and it was, however a reoccurring theme that surfaced was people who I trusted hurting me, in all 3 circumstances from different people I was the one who was wronged and if you had to ask my husband, my sister and closest friends they would tell you I am stubborn and I love an apology – in all three instances I still haven’t got one. 

I have really struggled with forgiving those that hurt me and then I read Rachel’s post “Be a blessing but not just to the nice people”.   She asks us to move above ourselves and bless those who insult us. I can tell you I have 100% not wanted to bless those who have hurt me, in fact I am sure I read Rachel’s post the first time and thought I must tell her about all these who have hurt me and I am sure she would be on my side! 

Rachel’s blog speaks truth, life and hope into a situation, I may not have an apology but as Rachel said in her post by blessing and praying for those who have hurt me I am freeing myself from bitterness I could hold towards them. 

Looking forward to what your next year in blogging brings!

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