BLOGIVERSARY! Other Mums on a Mission – Jo

When I started this blog my heart was to share with other mums and to inspire them to go out into their own personal mission fields, to not use motherhood as an excuse to stop reaching others for Jesus, but to use it as an amazing opportunity!  So to celebrate one year of blogging here is an amazing step-mum who is doing just that:

Name: Joanna Jackson 

A bit about you: Crafting, Cooking and Christian, and I wish Environmentalist began with a C… I see myself as an encourager but always need some encouragement back – keep it up! I am a step mum, which as my lovely step son told me once “does make you a mum, if you think about it”! 

How did you come to read my blog?:As Rachel’s friend from Christian Union at Lancaster University the blog has been a great way to keep up with her and her family. 

What impact has the blog had on you and your mission?: I love the idea of blessing others by welcoming them into your home. I have posted a copy of a beautiful inspirational picture which makes me think of Rachel, by Hannah Dunnett, titled ‘Seasoned with salt’. Check out for more of their beautiful artwork.

What was your favourite blog post?: My favourite blog post on Mum on a Mission mentioned me! Small claim to fame;-) It was titled “My Cloud of Witnesses”

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