The many many voices

A poem from the heart of someone struggling to decide…
There are many many voices
Going round inside my head
Maybe yours is one of them
With something you did or said
One of them says “cereal is right”
The other says “wholemeal toast is the best”
Yet another says “probiotic yoghurt
Will set you up for the test”
One says “you have to join the gym”
The other says “running is the way”
Yet another says “aerobics!” 
Or perhaps it’s spin class today?
One box says it contains all the vitamins you need
But then I see the vitamin tins
Should I be feeding my son just fruit and veg?
So many voices, where to begin?
Somedays I feel I am doing ok
I am super mum, cooking dinner from scratch
I go out on my bike or walk for a bit
But other days I just want to crash
I am just so confused by these voices
All of them claiming the truth
None of them agreeing or seeming the best
And I am just struggling through
I wish that I could switch off those voices
Let the silence come in and reign
Perhaps then I would hear that still small voice of God
Saying “you’re doing fine, you’re ok!”
So today I endeavour to do that
Bye bye many voices, so long
I hope that they stay away for good this time
That I trust instead in the voice of my God.

2 thoughts on “The many many voices

  1. Rachel Ridler says:

    Thanks kiri – wrote it in my head whilst walking back from the supermarket yesterday. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed at all the different choices there are and wish it was simpler to look after my family well!

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