Preparing for the New Year

OK, so I am a little bit late with my New Year themed post, but I have given myself a well earned break from blogging over the Christmas period to enjoy time with my family.  

But now I am back with a blaster!!  It comes in two parts.  First, a round up of my “Mum on a Mission” themed Christmas presents.  Second, a summary of my blogging new years resolutions.  So keep reading because I promise it will be mildly interesting…..
So in true Mum on a Mission style, my Christmas list included lots of books and resources that I thought could help me in my mission to reach other mums and those in my local area: 
Unlocking the door.  A book about evangelism in the real world.  I am really looking forward to picking up some hints and tips on how to get the gospel into real life situations.  I am sure later in the year I will do a review of this book so keep you eyes out!


Baking through the bible.  Another book that I am super excited about!  I asked for this one so that I can do fun baking things with my son but also link them in to bible stories.  I have had a look through and already I am wanting to get started.  There is another one in the series called “Play through the bible” which I am sure I will get over the next year too.  Perhaps I might use some inspiration from these books to start a neighbourhood holiday club or something (ideas are forming in my head as I type!)


Great British Puddings.  Not technically a mission oriented book, but this will definitely help with my ongoing Pudding Club!  Lots of new puddings to try out and some traditional ones to attempt.
So there you have it – my top three Christmas presents as I know these will help me with my mission (the pile of chocolate I feel may detract as I sit in bed eating it all and not moving…).
Secondly, I wanted to publicly write down my blogging new year resolutions.  It has been a great first year on the blogging scene and I have enjoyed it immensely.  I am, and always will be, a bit of an ad hoc blogger – letting real life and God inspire me in my posts.  This can make it a bit hard to plan when posts will come out, but I think it suits my lifestyle and hopefully you will find the stories and posts more real and not forced.  But I want to make sure that I continue to update you all on my Feeding 5000 challenge (it is my personal goal for 2015 to reach at least 300 by the end of this year) so I am resolving to make that a regular feature post.  I will also attempt to take more photos and include them on the blog.
So thank you to everyone who has read this in 2014 and I look forward to inspiring, encouraging and amusing you all in 2015!!


5 thoughts on “Preparing for the New Year

  1. KC says:

    I haven't heard of the Bake Through The Bible book and it is very interesting to me. I may need to check it out. Good luck in reaching your goals this year!

  2. kenzelsfire says:

    It was the Baking Through the Bible photo on your post that caught my eye! I love to bake (am now having to learn how to do it GF) and that sounds like fun! Great blogging goals 🙂


  3. Rachel Ridler says:

    Thanks everyone! I hadn't heard of it until last November when a mum friend mentioned play through the bible – a book her friend had helped write. You can buy both of them on

  4. Rachel Ridler says:

    thanks Michelle – think you already found my original post about my feeding 5000 challenge but it is quite self explanatory! Hoping to feed 5000 different people in our house over our lifetime.

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