Pop your bubble

Today I started reading “Unlocking the door” – one of my new Christmas books that I mentioned in my new year post.  And the introduction alone both saddened and moved me.  It said that the majority of Christians have few close friends outside of their church circles.

Let that sink in

Few close friends outside of your church circle

Does that sound like you? I know it sounds like me and I am upset that it is so true for my life.  How on earth can I possibly hope to reach non-Christians when I am not friends with any?!

We all need to pop our little Christian bubbles and step out into the real, and sometimes scary, world.  I know that through my plans to get to know the neighbours, to become a regular at mother and toddler groups, that this is starting to make a difference to how many non-christian friends I have, but is it enough? Today I am just going to mull this over and then carry on reading my book to see what ideas it sparks for changing this in my life.

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