A poem/prayer for Shine 2014

God’s love made known, clear and true,
To know His image shining through you,
Friends to make, old and new,
Lord, will your glory SHINE.
Angels from the heavenly host,
Not come to earth themselves to boast,
But those young girls to make the most,
Lord, will you let them SHINE.
Revealing to each other our pure hearts,
Creativity flowing through the arts, 
Each girl secure in playing her own part,
Lord, will you let us SHINE.
Partying late in the night,
Celebrating unity, such a delight,
Plenty of sweets, and that ‘s alright!
Lord, make this weekend SHINE.
Our prayers are for each individual girl,
To value herself, like a carefully crafted pearl,
Sending them out as lights in this world,
Lord, let Your glory SHINE.

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