2014 Highlights and Praise Points

December comes and the year draws to a close – at the moment we are probably all rushing around trying to finish Christmas shopping, attending Christmas parties and school nativity plays.  It is crazy busy, but I want to encourage you all to make a praise wall for 2014.  This is looking back at the highlights of the year and praising God for all He has done.  It is also looking at the challenges you might have overcome.  When New Year comes I will look ahead to the amazing things in store for 2015, but for now I just want to be thankful for all the 2014 has held.  Here is my praise wall:

  1. Moving house.  I am sure you will all remember to trials and joys of our house move earlier in the year.  We were finally in by the end of March and the last 9 months of the year have been fantastic as we enjoy the blessings of the house God gave us.
  2. Sam’s first birthday.  We survived a whole year!!!!  It was hard work at first, but now I am so glad that I gritted my teeth through all the sleepless nights because Sam is a joy and I couldn’t imagine life without him.  He has such a cheeky little character.  We celebrated his first birthday with a trip to the Deep – Sam loves the fishes.
  3. Sam’s dedication.  It took a little while to schedule this in due to our church having building work done, but we were finally able to dedicate our little boy to the Lord this year.  It was a great family day too as we got to have everyone over for dinner at our house afterwards.
  4. Family holiday.  This year we took Sam on his first proper family holiday – just Me, Rob, Sam and Archie the weekend bear from nursery!  It was his first time camping and he loved it.  He also loved the beach.
  5. Family and Church Family.  This year both our family’s have been amazing in supporting us but we have also been so thankful for our new church family at Legacy Church Doncaster.  They helped up move house, they have watched Sam, they have looked after our rabbits, they have given us a new microwave when ours broke, they have all been amazing and gone above and beyond to love us.
  6. Centre Parcs.  We got to enjoy a lovely restful week with grandparents at centre parcs this year.  Sam loved the ducks (aka Swans, ducks, moor hens – any bird to be honest) and getting to go around on my bike.
  7. Shine.  This is fairly fresh in my mind but such an awesome experience.  I got to lead the creative arts session and share my testimony on the weekend.  All the feedback from girls has been staggering as to the difference this has made in their walk with Jesus.
  8. Pudding club.  So last year my new years resolution was to start a pudding club, and I did!  I have enjoyed it so much, it has been a great opportunity to meet new people, develop friendships and enjoy some good pudding.  Will definitely be carrying this on into 2015….
  9. God’s promises.  Finally I wanted to praise God for the fact that His promises stand true.  This is something I have learnt this year.  Sometimes it takes longer than we would like but if God reveals something to you then He will honour that.  For this reason I have Jeremiah 17 displayed proudly on my living room wall – the verse that God revealed to me last December about our new house.

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