Are you a bit of a fruit cake?

Imagine the scene – its a slow Monday afternoon. My son is asleep for his afternoon nap (Yey!  No nap time battle today).  It is the day I am supposed to go food shopping so there is absolutely nothing edible left in the house.  After considering eating either dried prunes or left over cabbage rolls from Saturday, I decide that the only feasible option is to bake something.

Mixing away (and I do love a bit of baking) a random bit of God inspired wisdom pops into my mind – our lives are a little bit like a cake being made.

Now, I know that you are probably thinking I am overdosing on sugar because yes, I did eat the leftover cake batter, but I’m not pregnant so you can’t judge me!!!  But hear me out.  Throughout our lives we have many different things that impact us and define who we are.  In the first few years our parents input into our lives – they teach us, they guide us and they are our biggest role models.  As we grow older our friends, colleagues and celebrities also have an impact on this.  The situations that we face in life also input into our character and outlook.  These are all the ingredients that go in to make us who we are.  You might start off with the butter and the sugar – that’s your DNA and the stuff you are born with.  Then you add in the egg – that’s your parents and the way you are brought up.  Then you sieve in the flour – that’s the other people around you that influence you.  Finally, as you go on there may be other ingredients added – cocoa, dried fruit, cinnamon (the list is endless) – this is all the things that you go through in life that change you and your character.  

So life is one big mixing bowl, defining who you are and who you will eventually become.  We are all cake, but the way we are raised and the situations we face will undoubtedly change the end result.  I have had an amazing upbringing in a Christian family with parents that loved and looked after me.  I had a great group of friends who accepted me as me both at school and university and into my adult life.  At the moment I haven’t faced many trials or tribulations so I would probably say that I look like your typical Victoria Sponge Mix!

But you might be a fruit cake, or a chocolate cake, or even a crunchy cinnamon cake like I baked for my friend’s birthday yesterday!!  And you know what – you might think that a situation has made your life worse, but in the end it might be that situation that gives you an amazingly rich flavour and character that Victoria Sponge misses out on – you might be the pineapple upside down cake with golden syrup on the bottom…

At the moment we are all cake mixes, and things will be added as your life goes on.  It will only be in eternity that you will get to see the real outcome of your life and enjoy the fruits of it.  So I just want to encourage those of you who are maybe facing trials or situations at the moment that are confusing.  These are the things that will build your character and make your cake mix richer.  Don’t bother comparing your life to other peoples either, because you might be destined to be a fruit cake and they a chocolate cake.  Both are amazing and tasty but both are completely different.  Stop comparing and just enjoy the cake that you are, even if you are a bit of a fruit cake….

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