Have you ever sat and watched a small child try to climb something?  Even though they probably know that their legs are too short, they are not that strong and that the obstacle is too big they try to climb it with all the determination in the world, all the determination their little bodies can muster!

Well that is my son – he is a climber.  He even has a reputation at his nursery for climbing anything and everything (including the kitchen sink!).  This week at home he climbed up on his toy rocking zebra and tried to stand up on the saddle and let go (he is only 1 1/2 and despite mummy saying it would end badly he clearly wanted to give it a go anyway).  He is fearless when it comes to climbing and is always trying to find that new high to climb to and new thing to conquer.
And as I sat and watched my handsome little man climbing this week, it got me thinking – are we like that in life?  I know sometimes I get quite happy where I am and I just sit back and enjoy it, but am I missing out on reaching a new high with God?  Personally God has challenged me this year to be a catalyst – to invite people, to step out of my comfort zone for others and to keep on reaching out – and I think over the last couple of months I have stopped climbing in my quest to do this.  
So I made a choice this week to get back on the mountain and start climbing again – I saw an opportunity to be a good neighbour and make that first step in welcoming some new people to our estate and instead of chickening out (which I have done in the past few months) I grabbed the first opportunity I could see and went over.  Yes it was scary but it was also exhilarating!!  And I met two amazing couples in the process who I can now begin getting to know.  I experienced a little bit of the feeling that I am sure my son gets when he successfully climbs a chair and is able to reach something new.  
So whatever your own mountain may be, may I be the one to encourage you to climb like a one year old, with no fear, with excitement and with enthusiasm.  Even when it looks like you couldn’t possibly reach the top, sometimes your little body (and Great Big God!) might surprise you…..

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