A poem for all the lonely mum’s out there

I wrote this poem as I walked to the shops just to escape being stuck in the house with my one year old – I am sure that many of you understand this feeling of hurting those around you because of the desperateness of being alone in the house all day with only the kids for company…..  

Today i was the selfish one, today i was ungrateful
Today i thought nothing of giving someone else my plate full.
Today i sniped, i sneered, i sulked, i cried a little too
Today i wished that i could swap and change my life with you.
Because although i was a nightmare and horrible, someone to avoid
I was just feeling lonely and trying hard to stop that void. 

I know I have my Father looking down from above, 
But that doesn’t always fill the space of someone by my side to hug. 
The hours in the house alone can feel like days sometimes. 
Endless trips to the park just to make sure I see outside. 
Its hard to be a mum, and single parents I salute you! 
With babbling the only company when you’re tired and pooped. 

So i am sorry for my selfishness, it really isn’t fair. 
I’ll try to make it up to everyone and prove i really care.

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