Staying focused brings better results

A couple of months back, a good friend of mine shared a vision that God had given her with me.  At the time I thought it was just a nice picture that would hopefully help her in her life at church, but since then that picture has played on my mind and I think it is bigger than that.  Let me share that picture with you….

A boat had crashed and there were lots of people in the sea struggling to stay afloat.  But she had only a small rowing boat and was rowing through the wreckage.  She wanted to reach out and pull as many people into the boat to save them, but obviously the more people she pulled in the boat began to sink, and she wouldn’t be any help then.  The captain of the boat contacted her and told her to stop helping all these people and to focus on what she was rowing towards instead – a bigger boat that was more equipped for that task was coming along after and would save all those people.

In church we can often feel like there is so much to do and no-one else to do it.  We want to do as much as we can to stop the wreckage and disaster, but that in turn takes us away from what God has called us and gifted us to do.  We forget that God knows about it all, and that he might actually have someone better prepared waiting in the wings to sort it out!

When we focus on what we personally have been called to do then we are not distracted and we get to our final goal instead of sinking trying to do everything.  Staying focused brings better results for everyone, as it allows others to do their own mission too and gives them the space to fulfill that.  So when you are busy doing everything in church because you think no-one else can or will, stop and listen to your captain, God, and what he is calling you to do and focus on that instead.  If that means that the toddler group has to stop for a while, fine.  If it means that the coffee isn’t made as quickly, fine.  If than means that you can do something amazing for God and his kingdom because you are more focused, that is more than fine!


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