Life is not a board game

I am not sure what kind of family you all are, but we are a board game family. We love them!  Most of them anyway, although there are some where one person ALWAYS wins so I avoid playing those games at all costs.  Sometimes I wish that life was as simple as board games (and as fun!) but that isn’t always the case.  There are not always easy rules to follow, there is not always a clear winner or loser, and there doesn’t always seem to be someone there making sure everyone plays by the rules in the first place.  

Here are my musings and thoughts as to why life is not a board game – I hope you enjoy!
Cluedo – although death and mystery are part of this broken world, I am pretty sure that it doesn’t always happen in a very nice mansion.  I wish that we could always find out at the end what happened to the victim too, but unfortunately that isn’t always the way either as many grieving families know too well.
Monopoly – if only earning money was as easy as just “passing Go” life would be much better!  And building work is rarely as simple as just deciding to put a hotel there (moving house is definitely not that simple – just see my previous blog posts….)
Game of Life – Oooo I bet we would all like to be able to pick whether we have a boy or girl baby in our convertible car.  Not that I don’t love my baby boy, but I did have my heart set on having a girl when I was pregnant, and I would love a girl next time to even it all out.  Life doesn’t work that way, but I like to think that heaven might be a bit like the millionaires mansion at the end!
In conclusion, I think life is a bit like a game we found a few years ago called Fluxx.  In this card game the rules and way that you win are constantly changing. I think that this reflects how we move through different seasons in our lives, where we have different goals we are working towards, different restraints and so that affects how we live our life.   At the moment I am a mum to a toddler, so that is a pretty big rule/restraint on what I can do.  I have to be home for dinner time every day at 5pm and for bedtime at 7pm.  And the way that I win at the moment is to make sure that my son is happy and that we all get some sleep!  But in a few years time that will all change.  
In life you are never sure when the game will end, but with Jesus in my life I know that I am on the right track to winning it.  I am not sure exactly what the reward will be like at the end, but I know that heaven is worth winning!  So even though life isn’t a board game, let me encourage you to keep going to the end with Jesus as you are guaranteed to be a winner.  

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